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CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 45.45% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Please ensure that you understand the risks involved. Trading Forex and CFDs involves high level of risk Find out more


  • 1Account opening
  • 2Personal area
  • 3Personal information and access data
  • 4Deposit and withdrawal
  • 5About Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd
  • 6Trading conditions
  • 7Trading accounts
  • 8Trading platforms
  • 8.1MT5
  • 8.2cTrader
    • How do I open a trading account?
      1. Click Open Account and fill in all the required information and then click Open Account.
      2. You will then receive an email in order to confirm your email address. Press Confirm email address.
      3. Complete the required information and fill the questionnaire, then select one of the available platforms to open a trading account and press Continue. The avalaible trading platforms are MT5 and cTrader.
      4. The next step is to submit the required documents.
      Important note: Please make sure that your credentials match your documents. Please also bear in mind that since you can only use your own bank account, personal info should match the account name as well.
    • I already have an account with Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd. How do I open a new trading account?
      1. Login to your Personal Area with your email address and password.
      2. Click on the account number and press Open Real Account or click on Trading Accounts and either press on Open Real Account or Open Demo Account
    • What type of account should I choose?
      It depends on the preferred trading platform and trading instruments you would like to trade. You can compare account types here. If required, you will be able to open a new account later.
    • Can I change my leverage?
      The available leverage varies depending on the different financial instuments offered by the Company. The maximum default leverage applicable are as follows: - 30:1 for major currency pairs; -20:1 for non-major currency pairs, gold and major indices -10:1 for commodities other than gold and non-major equity indices. As at the discretion of the client's Risk Appetite it can be set at lower leverage ratio and the minimum trading leverage limit available is 1:1.
    • Where can I find the Client Agreement?
      Click here to view the Client Agreement. Please, note that prior to opening a trading account you should read and agree with our Client Agreement.
    • I've opened an account. What do I do next?
      Having opened an account check your email to find your account credentials. The next step is to download and install a trading platform of your choice: Metatrader 5 or cTrader
    • Is my personal information safe with you? How do you protect my personal information?
      We use highly secure technology to protect your personal data and financial transactions. Personal Area is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)-secured and protected with 128-bit encryption to make your browsing safe and your data inaccessible to any third parties. In this way, we fully comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation, which provides for safety of personal data and prohibition for distribution to third parties. Please, read more about data protection in our Privacy policy.
    • Which are the major functions of the Personal Area?
      In the Personal Area you can open new trading accounts, manage the existing ones, make deposit and withdrawal requests, transfer funds between your accounts and restore forgotten passwords.
    • How do I sign in to my Personal Area?
      To sign in, please use your registration email address and Personal Area password. You can change your password by clicking the menu button and from the drop-down menu, select Settings and then click Change passwords. Or click here.
    • I have forgotten my Personal Area password. How can I restore it?
      Visit our password restore page. Enter your registration email address and click Restore password below. A restoration link will be sent to your email. Follow this link, enter a new password twice and click Submit button below. Use your email address and new password to log in.
    • How do I switch between accounts in my Personal Area?
      You can either select one of the accounts at the top right side of the page or by clicking on the drop down arrow next to the account number in My accounts list and selecting Switch to this account.
    • How do I change the leverage ratio on my trading account?
      Visit the link in Personal Area and observe all your trading accounts under the header Account Summary. Click on your current leverage you will proceed to leverage change page. Please select your new required leverage and click Change button. Your leverage will be modified and you will be notified by email about it. Please restart your platform to be able to use new leverage. Please, note that you may change the leverage only if you have no open positions or pending orders. The account leverage should be carefully selected as higher leverage may result in losses equal to your deposited capital.
    • Where can I find all of my accounts?
      You may either visit the link and view the full list under My accounts or click the drop down arrows in the Personal Area and select a Trading account from the Accounts list. Here you can view general information including trading account number, type and balance, switch between your accounts, hide or display them on the main page and make deposit or withdrawal requests.
    • How can I hide the account I am not using anymore from accounts list?
      To hide a trading account, sign in to your Personal Area, find the account's number in My accounts list, click on the drop-down arrow next to the account number and select Hide account from the main page. The account can later be restored in Accounts list.
    • How can I close my trading account/s?
      In order to close your trading account(s) please proceed to the Account Closure Form, complete, sign and forward the "Trading Account Closure Form" to backoffice@octafx.eu.
    • Can I have several Personal areas?
      Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd has designed the Personal Area for its Clients, in such a way to store all the trading information in one place. Please be aware that it is prohibited to create several personal areas by using multiple email addresses.
    • How do I change my email address?
      Visit My personal information tab in your Personal area, select change next to Email, enter your new email address and click Change email. A confirmation link will be sent to both old and new addresses. Click the link sent to your old email address and the link sent to your new email address to apply the changes.
    • How do I change my phone number?
      Visit My personal information tab in your Personal area, select Change next to Phone, enter your new phone number and click Change phone.
    • I forgot my trader password. How can I get a new one?
      In Personal Area click on the drop-down arrow, select Settings, then Change passwords or Restore Passwords and tick the Account password after you selected one of your accounts from the drop-down menu. Define that you are not a Robot in the ReCaptcha area and click Submit button. New trader password will be sent to your email address.
    • How can I change my PIN code?
      In Personal Area click on the drop-down arrow, select Settings and then click Change passwords and select PIN code, enter your current PIN code and the new PIN code twice. Click Change button below to apply the changes.
    • How to set new Personal Area password?
      In Personal Area click on the drop-down arrow, select Settings, then select Change passwords and click Personal area password, enter your current Password and the new Password twice. Click Change button below to apply the changes.
    • What should I do to change my trader password?
      In Personal Area click on the drop down arrow, select Settings, then select Change passwords and tick Account password after you selected one of your accounts from the drop down menu and click Submit button.
    • How can I restore or change my investor password?
      The investor password cannot be restored. You can set it through the MT5 Platform. Please, follow the steps below: Select Tools and click Options. Under the Server tab select change. Then, insert your currect master password in the Current Password field. Select the Change Investor Password option if it is not yet selected. Insert the new investor password in the New Password field. Re-enter the new investor password in the Confirm text field.
    • How can I deposit my account?
      You can make a deposit via your bank account.
      To make a deposit, please sign in to your Personal area, switch to the account you would like to deposit at the top of the page and select the bank on the deposit page.
      Then enter the amount you want to deposit and click Continue. Get our bank account details and send funds to our bank account. Return back to our website and click "Notify us after transfer" below, enter your transfer details and confirm the request. The request will then be processed by our Financial Department within 3-7 business days.
    • When will the deposited funds be credited to my balance?
      Bank-wire transfers are processed within 3-7 business days.
    • Are my funds safe? Do you offer segregated accounts?
      In accordance with regulatory framework, Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd uses separate accounts to keep clients' funds segregated from the company's balance sheets. This keeps your funds secure and untouched.
    • I have submitted a withdrawal request. When will I receive the funds?
      Withdrawals are processed within 3-7 business days.
    • Do you charge any fees for deposits and withdrawals?
      Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd does not charge its clients any fees. Moreover, deposit and withdrawal fees applied by third parties are also covered by the Company.
    • What is the maximum amount for withdrawals/ deposits?
      Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd does not limit the amount you can withdraw or deposit into your account. The deposit amount is unlimited, and the withdrawal amount should not exceed free margin.
    • Can I deposit/withdraw several times a day?
      Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd does not limit the number of deposits and withdrawal requests per day. However, it is advised to deposit and withdraw all of the funds in one request to avoid unnecessary delays in processing.
    • Can I submit withdrawal request if I have open orders/positions?
      You can submit a withdrawal request if you have open orders/positions. Please note that free margin has to exceed the amount you requested, otherwise the request will be rejected. The withdrawal request will not be processed in case you have insufficient funds.
    • Which currencies can I use to fund my Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd trading account?
      Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd currently accepts deposits in EUR.
    • Where can I review my deposit/withdrawal history?
      You can find all previous deposits in your Deposits history. Withdrawal history is also available in your Personal area under the Withdraw section, click Withdrawals history. Deposit/Withdrawal history is available only for real accounts.
    • How can I withdraw my funds?
      Please sign in to your Personal area, switch to the account you would like to withdraw the funds from at the top of the page and select withdrawal, withdrawal request. Select the payment option and enter the payment details, the amount you would like to withdraw, as well as the Bank account details and click request. Note that your free margin must exceed the withdrawal amount otherwise our Financial department will not be able to process your request. It is especially important to keep track of your free margin when you have open positions.
    • My withdrawal request status is pending. What does that mean?
      Your withdrawal request is put in the queue and you will be notified as soon as it is processed by our Financial Department.
    • Why was my withdrawal rejected?
      There could have been not enough free margin to process your withdrawal or some of the data could have been incorrect. You can check the exact reason in the notification sent via email.
    • Can I cancel my withdrawal request?
      Yes, you can cancel a withdrawal request in Your withdrawals history. In this tab, you can view details, create new, or cancel your withdrawal request.
    • My withdrawal was processed but I have not received the funds yet. What should I do?
      Please get in touch with the client support at clientsupport@octafx.eu.
    • Can I transfer funds between my real accounts?
      Yes, you can create an Internal transfer request in your Personal area in the Internal transfer section.
      Under the Internal transfer section, on the right, select the account you would like to transfer the funds from, enter the amount, choose the account you would like to transfer the funds to, enter your PIN code and click Request below. Then check if the data is correct and confirm your request.
    • Is Internal Transfer instant?
      Internal transfers are processed automatically unless they require manual processing by the Financial Department due to security reasons. In this case your request will be processed within 1-3 business hours by the Finance Department.
    • Do you change any fees for Internal Transfer?
      No fees are applicable on Internal Transfers.
    • Where are your real trading servers located?
      The real trading servers' location for the MT5 Trading platform is in Strasburg, France and for the cTrader platform is in London, UK.
    • What are your Market Opening hours?
      MT5 trading hours are 24/5, starting at 00:00 on Monday and closing at 23:59 on Friday server time (EET/EST). cTrader server time zone is UTC +3, however you can set your own time zone for charts and trading information by clicking the right bottom corner of the platform.
    • What are the advantages of trading with Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd ?
      Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd values every client and offers top trading functionalities throught its platforms at compatible pricing and best execution. It has always been our top priority to provide our clients with high quality services in accordance with international standards and regulation. Our aim is making a trading experience convenient and striving to drive Spot Forex and CFD trading to a completely new level. Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd is a CySEC licensed broker and offers negative balance protection and a wide range of trading tools.
    • What is your spread? Do you offer fixed spread?
      Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd offers floating spread that varies depending on the market situation. Our goal is to provide transparent prices and the tightest spreads without applying any additional commission. Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd simply passes on the best bid/ask price we receive from our liquidity provider and our spread accurately reflects what is available in the market. The main advantage of floating spread over the fixed spread is that it is often lower than average, however you may expect it to widen at market open, during rollover at (server time), during major news releases or high volatility periods. You can check minimum, typical and current spreads for all trading instruments on our Trading conditions page
    • How does floating spread change throughout the day?
      Floating spread varies throughout the day depending on the trading session, liquidity and volatility. It tends to be less tight at the market open on Monday, when high impact news are released and at other times of high volatility.
    • Do you have requotes?
      Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd does not have requotes.
    • Do you have slippage on your platforms?
      Slippage is a slight execution price movement that may occur due to the lack of liquidity behind the requested price or when it's been taken by other traders' orders. It can also happen due to the market gaps. Slippage should be factored in as one of the risks when trading with a Forex Broker since it cannot guarantee that your order will be executed at the requested price. However, our system is set up to fill orders at the next best available price whenever slippage occurs. Please, be aware that slippage can be both positive and negative, and Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd cannot influence this factor.
    • Do you guarantee stop orders?
      Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd cannot guarantee filling at the requested rate. After being triggered, pending order becomes a market one and hence is filled at the best available price which primarily depends on the market conditions, available liquidity, trading pattern and volume.
    • Is it possible to lose more than I deposited? What if account's balance becomes negative?
      No. Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd offers negative balance protection, so whenever you balance becomes negative, it is automatically adjusted to zero (0).
    • Negative Balance Protection
      Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd's top priority is making your trading experience great, by providing negative balance protection to all its clients. Our risk management system ensures that the client cannot lose more than initially invested.If your balance becomes negative due to Stop Out, Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd will compensate the amount and adjust the account balance back to zero (0). Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd guarantees that your risk is limited only to the funds you have deposited into your account. Please be aware negative balance protection does not include any debt payments from the Client. Therefore, our clients are protected from losses beyond the initial deposit.
    • How much margin is required to open my order?
      It depends on the currency pair, volume and account leverage. When you open a hedge (locked or opposite) position, no additional margin will be required, however if your free margin is negative you will not be able to open a hedge order.
    • My order was not executed correctly. What should I do?
      With market execution we cannot guarantee filling at the requested rate for all of your positions. However in case of any doubts or if you would like an individual review of your orders, you are always welcome to file a detailed complaint and send it to Complaints@octafx.eu.
    • Do you have any commissions?
      MT5 commission is included in our spreads as mark up. No additional fee is applied. We charge trading commission on cTrader. You can find half-turn commission rates here.
    • What trading techniques and strategies can I use?
      Our clients are welcome to use any trading strategies including but not limited to scalping, hedging, news trading, martingale as well as any Expert Advisors with only exception of arbitrage. Trading Spot Forex and CFDs is highly speculative and involves a significant risk of loss.
    • Do you allow hedging/scalping/news trading?
      Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd allows scalping, hedging and other strategies, in case the orders are placed in accordance with our Client Agreement. However, please note that arbitrage trading is not allowed. Trading CFDs and FX Contracts is highly speculative and involves a significant risk of loss.
    • What is a price gap and how does it affect my orders?
      A price gap denotes the following:
      • Current Bid price is higher than Ask price of the previous Quote;
      • or Current Ask price is lower than Bid of the previous Quote
      It is important to understand that you may not be always able to see a price gap on the chart since it can be enclosed in a candle. As the definition implies, in some cases you would need to observe ask price, while the chart shows bid price only. The following rules are applied to pending orders execution during a price gap:
      • If your Stop Loss is within the price gap, the order will be closed by the first price after the gap.
      • If the pending order price and Take Profit level are within the price gap, the order will be canceled.
      • If Take Profit order price is within the price gap, the order will be executed by its price.
      • Buy Stop and Sell Stop pending orders will be executed by the first price after the price gap Buy Limit and Sell Limit pending orders will be executed by the order’s price.
      For example: Bid is listed as 1.09004 and Ask is 1.0900In the next tick, Bid is 1.09012 and Ask is 1.0902:
      • If your Sell order has Stop loss level at 1.09005, order will be closed at 1.0902.
      • If your Take Profit level is 1.09005, order will be closed at 1.0900.
      • If your Buy Stop order price is 1.09002 with Take Profit at 1.09022, the order will be cancelled.
      • If your Buy stop price is 1.09005, order will be opened at 1.0902.
      • If your Buy limit price is 1.09005, order will be opened at 1.0900.
    • What happens if I leave my order open overnight?
      3-days fee is applied on every third rollover of your trade. Please visit this page to see 3-days fee amounts table.
    • Can I trade commodities at Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd?
      Yes, enjoy the benefits of trading gold, silver, crude oil and other commodities with Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd! For more details please visit this page regarding MT5 and this page regarding cTrader
      Trading Spot Forex and CFDs is highly speculative and involves a significant risk of loss.
    • What are commodities?
      Сommodities are tradable physical assets such as agricultural products (i.e corn) or fuels (i.e crude oil), which are traded in bulk on a commodity exchange or spot market.
    • What type of accounts do you offer?
      Real and demo accounts are available on two trading platforms – Metatrader 5 and cTrader. You can compare accounts and chose the one fitting your individual requirements here.
    • Do you offer demo accounts?
      Yes, you can open demo accounts in your Personal area to practice and test your strategy.
    • How do I open a demo account?
      Login to your Personal area, click on your account number at the top right side and select Open demo account. Demo accounts emulate real market conditions and prices and can be used to practice your trading skills, get familiar with the platform's features and test your trading strategy at a risk-free environment.
    • How do I top up my demo account balance?
      Switch to your demo account in your Personal area and click Top up demo account at the top of the page.
    • Do you deactivate demo accounts?
      MT5 Demo accounts expire after 60 days of inactivity, while cTrader accounts are disabled if you don't use them for 90 days.
    • Can I have multiple demo accounts?
      There is no limit on the number of Demo accounts you can open. However, please note that you cannot create more Demo accounts than the number of Real accounts unless at least one of them is used for trading. In other words, you can open a third account if you perform at least one deposit and/or complete a trade using one of the existing Real accounts.
    • What account currencies do you offer?
      We offer accounts in Euro (EUR).
    • Where can I find the access data?
      All access data including account number and trader password are sent by email after the account opening. If you have lost the email, you may restore your access data here. In your Personal area select Settings, then click Restore passwords. Your new password/pin code will be sent to you by email.
    • What trading platforms do you offer?
      We offer the MetaTrader 5 and cTrader platforms. Both platforms provide web version, desktop applications, and mobile apps for iOS and Android.
    • Can I trade with my Android/iOS device?
      Yes, you can install MetaTrader 5 and cTrader on your device. Visit our downloads centre page to find detailed instructions on how you can download both MT5 and cTrader on your iOS/Android device.
    • How do I login to MetaTrader 5 with my account?
      Open MT5, then click "File" > "Login with trading account ". In the pop up window, enter your Account number, trader password and select "OctaFX-Real' for real accounts or "OctaFX-Demo" if you login with a demo account.
    • Why am I unable to login?
      You can check the last entry in the “Journal” tab to find out the exact reason: “Invalid account” means that some of the credentials you entered upon login are incorrect - it can be account number, password or the trading server. Double check the access data and try to sign in one more time. “No connection to OctaFX-Real” or “No connection to OctaFX-Demo” indicates that your terminal is unable to establish the connection with the nearest access point. Check if your internet is active, then click on the connection status and select “Network rescan”. Should the issue persist please get in touch with our client support at clientsupport@octafx.eu.
    • How do I open an order?
      Press F9 on your keyboard or click “New Order” button from the standard toolbar. Alternatively, you can right click on an instrument in the Market Watch and select “New Order” from the context menu. In the “New order” you will be required to select the symbol you are going to trade, type of order and volume. Having set all necessary parameters, click “Buy” or “Sell” button below, depending on the direction you are going for. Go to Tools>Options>Trade. Here you can enable “One click trading” feature that allows you to open positions with pre-selected parameter right on the chart. To activate the One Click Trading panel, open a chart of the instrument you are trading and press ALT+T on your keyboard. One Click Trading panel is also available in the “Trading tab” of the “Market Watch”.
    • What order types are available in MT5?
      MT5 offers several order types: Market order — it is an order to open a position at the current market rate. Market order can be placed via the New Order window or One-Click-Trading panel. Pending order — it is an order to open a position once the price reaches a certain predefined level. The following pending order types are available in MT5: Limit orders are placed below the current bid (for long positions) or above the current ask (for short orders). Stop orders are placed above the current bid (for buy orders) or below the current ask (for sell orders). In order to place a stop or a limit pending order, you need to select “Pending order” in the “New order” window, specify its type and direction (i.e. sell limit, sell stop, buy limit, buy stop), the price it should be triggered at, volume and any other parameters if required. Alternatively, you can right click on the desired level on the chart and select the type of pending order you would like to open. The order will appear in the “Trade” tab under the account Balance, Equity and Free margin. Stop limit order is a combination of previously described types. It is a pending order which becomes a buy limit or sell limit once the price reaches your stop level. In order to place it, you need to select “Buy Stop Limit” or “Sell Stop Limit” type in the New Order window. Then simply set the “Price” or the stop price (the level, at which a limit order will be placed) and the “Stop limit price” (the order price for your limit level). For short positions, the stop price should be below the current bid and the stop limit price should be above the stop price, while in order to open a long position you need to set the stop price above the current ask and stop limit price below the stop price. When placing a pending order, it is important to take into account that each trading instrument has a certain stop level, i.e. the distance from the current market price at which a pending order can be placed. To check the level, find the trading tool you are interested in the Market Watch, right click it and select “Specifications”.
    • How to set Stop Loss or Take profit?
      Find the position you would like to set a stop loss or a take profit on, right click on it and select “Modify or delete” from the context menu. In the pop up window set the desired level of your order. Keep in mind that for a short position you can set a stop loss above and a take profit below the current ask price, while when modifying a long position you should place stop loss below and take profit above the current bid.
    • How to close a position?
      Find the positions you want to close in the “Trade” tab, right click it and select “Close position”. Depending on whether One-Click-Trading is enabled, it will either be closed right away at the current rate, or a Position window will appear, where you will be required to confirm the instruction by clicking “Close” button.
    • Why am I unable to open a position?
      In case you are unable to open a “New order” window and “New order” button on the toolbar is inactive, you have signed in with investor (read only) password. In order to trade please use trader password when you login. Inactive “Sell” and “Buy” buttons in the “New order” window indicate that the volume you specified is invalid. Please bear in mind that minimum volume available is 0.01 lot. “Not enough money” error message means that your free margin is not sufficient to open the order. You may need to adjust the volume or deposit your account. “Market is closed” error means that you are trying to open a position outside the instruments trading hours. You can check the schedule in the symbol “Specifications” or on our website.
    • How to check my trading history?
      You can find all closed positions in the “Account history” tab. The trading history is comprised of orders (i.e. the instructions you send) and deal (the actual transactions). From the context menu you can select which operations should be displayed (orders, deals or deals and order or positions), and filter them by symbol and period.
    • How to open a chart?
      In order to open a chart you can simply drag and drop a trading tool from the “Market Watch” to the chart window. Alternatively, you can also right click a symbol and select “New chart”.
    • How to customise a chart?
      You can change periodicity, scale and switch between chart types on the standard Toolbar. In case you would like to change colours, add or remove bid and ask lines, volumes or grid, right click the chart and select “Properties” from the context menu.
    • How to add an indicator to a chart?
      Find your indicator in the Navigator window and drop it to the chart. Modify its parameters in the pop up window if required and click “Ok” to apply the changes.
    • What is cTrader?
      cTrader trading platform is specifically designed to offer direct market access (DMA). It has no restrictions on Stop/Limit levels and allows you to reverse, double or close all positions in one click. Level II depth of market available in cTrader provides more transparency regarding the available liquidity.
    • How do I login to cTrader with my account?
      You can login to any of your Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd cTrader accounts using your cTID (cTrader ID). A cTID is created and sent to your email when you open your first cTrader account.
    • How do I open a position?
      The fastest way to open a position is to click QuickTrader buttons from the Symbols or favorites lists. Select the trading instrument and order volume and press Sell or Buy to open a market order. To open the "Create order" window you can press F9 on your keyboard, select "New Order" from cTrader menu or click "Create New order" button from the toolbar. If One click trading is disabled, click QuickTrade buttons will open "Create Order" window as well. In the "Create Order" window select symbol, volume and click Sell or Buy button below. To place a pending order, open "Create order" window as described above and select the type of the order from the menu on the left. Select symbol, set order price, volume and expiry date if required. Here you can also set one or more Stop Loss or take profit levels. This done, click Sell or Buy below to place the order.
    • How do I modify a position?
      Double click or right click on the position line in TradeWatch and select Modify Position. In the "Modify positions" window set your Stop Loss and Take Profit. SL and TP can be edited by price or number of pips. Click Protect to apply the changes.
    • How do I close a position in cTrader?
      You can close one position by clicking "Close" on the Positions tab on the right of your order or close all open positions by clicking "Close all".
    • Where is my account history in cTrader?
      You can find the history of your positions in the History tab of cTrader. Here you can also create an HTML statement if you right-click and select "Create Statement".
    • Why am I unable to open a position in cTrader?
      Most probably you do not have enough free margin to open such position. You can check the exact reason in the Journal Tab.
    • How do I open a new chart?
      Select a trading instrument from the "Symbols" section on the left, right click on it and select New Chart.
    • How do I switch between units and lots?
      You can switch between lots or units if you open settings (a cogwheel at the bottom left corner of cTrader), then go to Assets and select Lots or Units.
    • How do I change one click trading mode?
      You can choose between ‘Single-Click’, ‘Double-Click’ and ‘Disabled’ (Order Screen) modes if you open settings (a cogwheel at the bottom left corner of cTrader), then go to QuickTrade.
    • How do I customize my charts?
      Right click the chart to bring up the popup menu. Here you can change periodicity, symbol, color and viewing options.
    • What is Depth of Market?
      Depth of Market (DoM) refers to the available liquidity at different price levels of a symbol. Three types of DoM are available in cTrader: VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) DoM shows a list of expected VWAP prices next to adjustable volumes. Standard DoM is an overview of available liquidity for a particular instrument. Liquidity amount is shown next to each available price. Price DoM shows a list of prices up and down from the current spot price, and the liquidity available behind each price.
    • Why I am not able to log into cTrader?
      Please check that you entered the correct cTID (usually your email) and password. You can only login to the cTrader platform downloaded from the Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd web site. Keep in mind that you cannot login to cTrader using an MT5 account and vice versa.
    • How can I trade on charts in cTrader platform?
      In cTrader you can modify Stop Loss, Take Profit and Limit orders from the chart. Open a chart for the symbol you are currently trading and click View Options icon from the top of the chart. Select Orders and Positions to be able to see entry price, volume and direction on the chart. To modify a position or an order, mouse over your cursor over its line on the chart and click and drag Stop Loss Take profit or volume to the required rate.